Anubhav for Class I

Indroda Nature Park – The Outdoors Lab

Indroda Nature Park is the ideal destination for nature lovers. It is a wilderness park spread over an area of 450 ha. The park has a zoo with animals such as leopard, bear, spotted dear, sambhar, blue bull, black buck…it has a rich aviary too. The venomous and non-venomous snakes kept at the snake park are a major attraction for children. The Park is also endowed with botanical garden, marine interpretation centre with skeletons of blue whale, dolphin and dugong. The dinosaur and Fossil Park has started attracting more students to this place. The dinosaur park here demonstrates three geological periods viz Jurassic, Cretaceous and Tertiary. It is situated roughly 25 kms from Ahmedabad.

Learning Possibilities:

People & Occupations - As part of the syllabus it is taught that people have different occupations as nobody can do everything oneself. However, it is noticed that the examples of occupations are limited to Teachers, doctors, engineers, IT specialists, farmers, postmen, policemen, soldiers etc. An exposure to Indroda Park would tell them more about occupations and many of these are quite existing for the children like, forest officers, conservationists, animal keepers, gardeners, naturalists etc.

Neighbourhood - The syllabus tells about the child’s neighbourhood, but it is also limited to some examples like School, hospital, clinic, parks, markets, banks, taxi stands, railway station, airport etc. An outdoor learning centre in the neighbourhood is either ignored or missed.

Animals – wild, domestic & pets - These topics are taught in Class I, but the concept of wildlife is not described sufficiently. Tiger, giraffe, fox, bear, elephant, lion are the examples generally taught; insects, tortoise, snakes, skinks, butterflies, worms, grass, plants, trees and such lesser life forms are not considered as wild in the curriculum. The Anubhav camp experience will definitely give a wider spectrum of wildlife and the concept of wild, domestic and pet could be consolidated. 

Plants – herbs, shrubs, trees, climbers & creepers (runners) – Indroda being a wonderfully developed natural habitat, children participating in the Anubhav camp would get a chance to physically differentiate the characteristics of the entire plant kingdom. They will be able to observe herbs, shrubs, trees, climbers & creepers in the herbarium.

The other major topic is “our surroundings” which is ideal for teaching in the outdoors. At Indroda, the concepts like forests (along with animals, birds, insects), Plains, hills, rivers, lakes etc could be explained well and the children would be able to feel and experience all these. With little more efforts, even the concepts of island could be taught as this park is developed in the ravines of River Sabarmati.

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