To introduce city children to nature will, in all probability require a great deal of patience. For they are apt to consider many harmless objects as “icky” and “nasty” or even potentially dangerous. Children such as these are often so full of fears and prejudices that they run in terror from almost any living thing.

The children of today are much hampered by their lack of experiences with Nature. They ask, “Will it bite me?” “Does it sting?” “Is it poisonous?” and a harmless black beetle is an object of grave suspicion even after they have been assured that it will in no way hurt them.

To hold a black beetle in one’s hand or to touch a caterpillar may seem a limited and unimportant nature adventure to an adult but to a child who has never done so before it becomes an opening wedge into a vast, wonderful world of nature.

To reinstate the study of nature in to its rightful place is the aim of ANUBHAV along with introducing the participants to the responsibilities of our social and democratic system.

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