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Anubhav Concept

Anubhav is planned to introduce city children to nature, its elements and the inter-relationships. Understandably, this will require a great deal of care and patience. For, many students are likely to consider most of the harmless objects as "icky" or "nasty" or even fearfully dangerous. These children are often so full of distress and prejudices that they run in terror from almost any living thing.

Today, the students are much hampered by their lack of experience with Nature. They ask, "Will it bite me?" "Does it sting?" "Is it poisonous?" and a harmless black beetle is an object of grave suspicion even after they have been assured that it will no way hurt them. To hold a black beetle in one's palm or to caress a caterpillar for the first time are great experience for any child because this is how they conquer their unfounded fears and awaken an experience-based spirit of exploration and adventure...more..

Anubhav +

Anubhav + is planned to give you an extraordinary experience in the wilderness. While joining Anubhav + you are guaranteed of developing an intimacy with the basic elements of nature – air, water, soil, sunlight and the space, the “panch boota” of our ancestors’ wisdom. This experience would give you plenty of chances to be with these elements and to understand the value of them...more..

Camping Activities