Anubhav +

Anubhav + is planned to give you an extraordinary experience in the wilderness. While joining Anubhav + you are guaranteed of developing an intimacy with the basic elements of nature – air, water, soil, sunlight and the space, the “panch boota” of our ancestors’ wisdom. This experience would give you plenty of chances to be with these elements and to understand the value of them.

Planned to give surprises and excitements, Anubhav + can be a journey in to the wilderness like forests, mountains, valleys, islands or it can be an indulgence to your forgotten hobbies like birdwatching, photography, trekking, hiking, star gazing…or you may re-start your passions like writing, reading, painting and even soul searching.

Come, discover yourself and recharge yourself.

There are two immediate options: one at Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary and another at Marine Camp near Gulf of Kachchh Marine National Park.


Duration: 6th January 2012 to 5th February 2012
Highlights: Deciduous Forest, Mountains, medium sized irrigation dam with migratory and resident birds, Chapaner - the UNESCO heritage site, Pavagadh - the mountain temple and Hanuman temple - a ancient temple in the deep forest.
Distance: 170 kms from Ahmedabad, 70 kms from Baroda
Route: Ahmedabad- Baroda- Halol-Pavagagh-Jambugodha - Kada Dam (Anala campsite)
Visit: – our programme – class IV

Marine camp

Duration: 7th January 2012 to 15th February 2012
Highlights: Low/high tides, tide pools, long exclusive sea beach, live coral reef with variety of corals, puffer fish, ray fish, Neptune crab, Coral Craboctopus, sponges and marine biodiversity, fisher folk & groves, Dwarka temple, Byet Dwarka Island, Nageshwar Shiv Ling-considered to be one among the 12 Jyotir lings, Light House and Marine Museum.
Distance: 450 kms from Ahmedabad
Route: Ahmedabad-Rajkot-Jamnagar-Dwarka-Mithapur-Sagar Dam (TCL Campus) - Anala campsite
Visit: – our programme – class VII

Accommodation: in 12x6 all weather canvas tent, (3 persons in a tent) with mattress, (quilts), pillow and blankets ( no cots).
Food - freshly cooked, hygiene, vegetarian - morning tea (no bed tea), breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee with snacks & dinner
Dress - cotton casuals, canvas shoes (sports), please avoid bright colours
Things to be carried - torch with extra batteries, water bottle, insect repellent, camera, binoculars
Group Size: Maximum 6 persons
Attitude - Ready to ruff it out, discipline of outdoors (take nothing other than the memories & leave nothing other than your foot prints) and a smile on the face

Cost: Rs.750/- per person per day, inclusive of accommodation, food and guidance. Travel cost and guide hiring charges would be extra.